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Traditional tile Soleimani fusion of cultures and tastes lasting

about us

about us

Tiles of Soleimani in the city of Isfahan , in manufacturing Tile seven colors , Tiles traditional (Alvan, Screw, jokes, Chevron, forget, network, Klvk, clay, brick, etc.), mosaic , Moagheli as well as miniature and ... That handy crafts are, is working.

This collection, from 1372 to date, with Ali Soleimani power management and management in the seven colors and Nasser Mohammad Soleimani in the traditional sector is established. Master the power of God Soleimani , born in 1355, with many years of experience in traditional Islamic architecture, teaching and learning polychrome tiles in 1368 by Akbar and Nasir Pour Shiravi learned.

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Doctor Shariati:

Not that gives us purpose

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Ghodratolahe Soleimani +98 9131190472
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Esfahan . Imam Khomeini street . University Boulevard. Underpass Shrine of Syed Mohammad. Street Wise wise. Alley 18. Soleimani tiles

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