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Tile sets of Soleimani, with many years of experience in the design and build places of worship and cultural and traditional activities, and the use of law enforcement specialist in the manufacture of a tile seven colors , traditional , pictures, miniatures, boards, single tile traditional and digital ... using the most resistant type of tile finest tone has managed numerous projects inside and outside the country and this beautiful Persian and Islamic art to expand.

Part of the activities and projects carried out by traditional tile sets Soleimani:

- Court of Sadr Iraq

- Masjid Asr Najaf Abad in Isfahan

- Hakim Mosque

- Khalil al-Rahman mosque

- Mosque Ghaem of Gorgab

- Holy Abraham Lahrvd

- Taleghani Mosque Lahrvd

- Zaman mosque in the village of Sarab genus

- Imam Hassan village opioid October Ranjan River Shiraz

- apron preparedness Zabul

- Qamar Bani Hashim mosque in the village of Sheikh Le Meshkinshar

- Mosque of the village Kujanaq Meshkinshar

- Ali Mosque Meshkinshar

- Vali Asr Mosque Masjed Soleiman Belvedere Village

- Mosque religious site Tehran Imam Khomeini

- Martyrs Horst village of Khomeini Shahr

- Great Mosque of Isfahan Dehno

- Mosque Skvhh Zabul

- Amir Kabir Mosque Shapur terminals

- tiling part of Kadhimiya

- Seven Martyrs Shrine Mosque Dome Soleiman

- activities in Brazil, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand and ...


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Ghodratolahe Soleimani +98 9131190472
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company address

Esfahan . Imam Khomeini street . University Boulevard. Underpass Shrine of Syed Mohammad. Street Wise wise. Alley 18. Soleimani tiles

Job hunting is more that can build and create something in this life and in nature but I need to be ...
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