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About the traditional tile industry Soleimani:

Collection of tilesof Solomon Producer tile seven colors   And pictures to mosques and holy places such as domes , minarets , the mihrab , the inscriptions , And design and implementation of brick facades, brick and tile, Moagheli, design and implementation of formal , Mogharnas;   And manufacture of miniature boards for the traditional way home and home design and decoration traditional places, schools and Nmarkhanh are.



Phone +98 313850065
phone2 +98 313850026
Telegram number +98 9215828410
Ghodratolahe Soleimani +98 9131190472
Ghodratolahe Soleimani +98 9131190472
Naser Soleimani +98 9133063484


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Esfahan . Imam Khomeini street . University Boulevard. Underpass Shrine of Syed Mohammad. Street Wise wise. Alley 18. Soleimani tiles

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